- Are your children safe?

- Are you being betrayed?

- Need to locate a missing person/debtor?

- Need a background check on someone?

- Need video/photo/audio surveillance?



  • People Search

    Lost family members? Witness locating? Lost love/Friends? Adopted children or parents? Debtor Locate?
  • Surveillance

    Photo's, Digital Video, Night Vision, GPS Tracking, Hidden Cams, in any setting anywhere
  • Bug Sweeps & Wiretap Detection

    Office, Home, Auto or Public places can be swept for listening and viewing equipment
  • Background Investigations

    Complete background investigations including criminal, employment, assets, relatives and character interviews
  • Computer Forensics

    All electronic media can be recovered, reviewed and documented
  • Statements & Interviews

    In person or over the phone interviews can be conducted in order to gain needed evidence/information


Who are we?

MockingBird Group LLC (MBG), is an Oklahoma City Private Investigations Agency specializing in child custody, cheaters, skip tracing, asset recovery, background checks and missing persons.

With a combined 30+ years of Private Investigations, computer forensics and surveillance experience, MBG brings the knowledge and absolute discretion necessary to successfully get your questions answered/information delivered.


MBG has a reputation that is parallel to none. By providing a quality on-time service and being available 24/7, MBG has been given the reputation of the "can do" team by past and present clients.